Our Clinic

Our clinic is ~700 miles southeast of Miami, Florida, USA

The Words In Action Haiti medical clinic is located on top of a mountain in the heart of Qui Croit, Haiti. Our clinic serves an estimated population of 35,000 people.

Marimise Charles serves as our nurse and typically sees 3-10 patients/day.

Now that clinic construction is complete we are looking to paint it green and white, the official colors of hospitals in Haiti.

Our clinic currently has 1 floor. This is the architect’s drawing showing what the building will look like when it is completely finished.

The 2nd floor will be housing for doctors and residents who visit the clinic.

On our trip at the end of 2017 we only had 1 chair, the one that Marimise was sitting on. We built our own makeshift chairs out of donated walkers and 2 x 6 studs that weren’t being used.
Our clinic is located on top of a mountain range in southern Haiti