Our Vision

It is our hope that, by planting the seeds of locally sustainable programs, Qui Croit, Haiti will be a thriving community and completely self-sustaining.   Through our new clinic and community health programs, we hope to have safely trained local Haitians to serve in the clinic and in their own communities.  This will have a profound effect on the health and well being of the local people.  We hope that by offering better women’s health programs, the women will be able to take control of their own health, and that of their families.

We hope that in the future, Qui Croit will have a new school that will have room to allow all the children to attend.  We hope that every family will be able to afford to send their children to school and through our education efforts, have locally trained men and women to someday be able to give back and teach at the school.  We believe an education allows a child to realize their fullest potential, to become what they dream to be, and in turn become another active and fully participating member of their community, and in their country.   The benefits of all children being able to realize their fullest potential will have lasting effects on the entire country.

Hope is something that we all desire and we see the community of Qui Croit as a community of opportunity and hope!  As we partner with the people of Qui Croit, we look forward to seeing hopes fulfilled.