Education Sponsorship

Students learning math at the local school in Qui Croit

Every child deserves an education and the residents of Qui Croit are blessed with several local schools.  School is not free, however, and many children are not able to go to school because the cost is more than many families can afford. Words In Action Haiti is working toward assisting the community of Qui Croit by helping children achieve their full potential through a school sponsorship program.  Anyone who would like to help children go to school can do so by making a donation through the website. It costs $60 (USD) to send one child to primary school (up through 6th grade) in Qui Croit for 1 year. The $60 covers tuition, books, and a school uniform.

As of 2022, Words in Action is sponsoring the tuition of 100 students, including 12 university students in various disciplines including nursing and teaching. These students have made a commitment to returning to Qui Croit to invest their skills to uplift the community.

Words in Action has identified, through recent visits and collaboration with the primary school, the desperate need for revitalized school facilities. Currently the building and its contents are in disrepair. Architectural drawings have already been rendered for a new structure, which would include a library. This project is pending funding, but in the interim Words in Action worked with local builders and the school administrators to construct more suitable restrooms to improve sanitation and provide the students a level of integrity for a basic human need.